Using Hackerrank to learn Rust

In the last few weeks I tried my hand at rust. It did not went to bad, since rustlings is great at showing you some basics. In order to get better, I searched for a set of tasks to help me get better at programming in general by improving my problem solving skills and found Hackkerrank. It is a website where you can register as a developer and train your skills. I played around for a bit and feel reminded of one of my courses in University. The course tought us some basic algorithms and programming principles. There are many challenges to work on ranging from sorting to searching to graph theory. It has been a great way for me to solve some problems in Rust, since the early challenges are easy to solve, but get me in the habit of writing functioning code in Rust. It makes me more comfortable with the language, which is worth a lot.

However, I found some challenges which are not available for Rust, so I had to dig out some other languages. While this was not my goal, it is never bad to use a bit of Python, Java or C++.

If you read this and thing of another site to practice coding, feel free to send me a recommendation at